Monday, 31 July 2017

Best Way to Make Successful Business and Earn Profit With The Concept of Multi Vendor Marketplace Script

Whether you are looking to create a marketplace for the first time or already have an existing ecommerce website, Multi vendor marketplace script offers the features and functionality you need for a successful online store. While you are probably familiar with the concept of using an online shopping cart to manage orders and payments online, this extends your website's capacity and profitability by accommodating multiple vendors with various products to sell. Incorporating multiple sellers on your website is an effective way to expand your product offering and increase profits while limiting any extra work required from you, the site administrator. Give your vendors a place to sell their own products while they handle all shipping and product specifics.
Multi vendor marketplace script is used to build a Multi Vendor Marketplace by allowing every Vendor to sell their Products with a different seller on your ecommerce Store. User can use this product for of business to business and business to customer type’s e-commerce website. Users can start their own e-commerce store like eBay, flipcart, snap deal etc. Each and every seller can see his own report, manage their products. You can enable your own unique B2C marketplace site in very short time. It enables you to start an online store offering vendors to sell their products in it, and you generate the revenue from them as a service fees for using the platform. It allows you to start a full – facilitate e-commerce marketplace.
Attractive features of Multi vendor marketplace script
·         Online Shopping
·         Vendor and User management
·         Advertising support
·         Order management
·         User friendly
·         SEO management
·         Mobile compatible
·         Account and Order management
As the site owner, you control all main website operations within the Multi vendor marketplace Administrator Panel. You can manage sellers, products, payments, affiliates, and buyers while generating reports, sending newsletters and more directly from the backend of your marketplace. Similarly other popular ecommerce website, your merchants can choose to list their products in the marketplace. In this model, payment and transactions transpire between buyers and sellers directly. Sellers pay the marketplace a monthly fee, a usage fee, a transaction fee or combination of these. The main benefit of this model is that you are not in the middle of every transaction.
 However, you should be aware that if a sale or transaction goes sour, you will have to deal with the situation after it happens which may require some backtracking. Multi vendor marketplace script makes starting your own marketplace enjoyable and hassle-free. After purchasing the virtual marketplace script, you will add your logo, site content, sellers and products directly into the system. This process is very direct and can be accomplished within just a few clicks. If you have your own products you may add them, as well as contact vendors you think will fit well with your marketplace. Make sure you feature products that fit with your site theme and interest your target market. When your site contains enough sellers and products, you may begin marketing your ecommerce website to potential customers. As time goes on, you will be the link between sellers and buyers. Watch the full detail @


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Top 12 Unusual Uses Of Alibaba Clone Script

Have you heard about the latest launched Alibaba clone script? If no there you find the right information about this awesome script. In the market there are many readymade scripts are available but one has to choose the best one. A sector known as B2B ecommerce has emerged as a result of the digital revolution. To begin online platforms, business can sell directly to other companies, as well as share data and pertinent information about products and services easily and quickly.
 Every company, industries are adopting new techniques for the business growth. Alibaba clone script  is complete readymade, fully customizable, latest template developed by using programming language like Php and Mysql. All the static pages like home, about us, contact us, features etc are available along the script. It is complete based on B2B and B2C marketplace script.  This script has been developed by a team to experience professionals with the motive to provide a stable bug free foundation to your trading portal site.
Features of Alibaba clone scripts that blow your mind:
·         Full support+ Installation: Alibaba clone script comes with 100% easy installation. Company provides script + full support to get this things rolling.
·         Photos, Maps, youtube and social: This script gives full support to Google maps & youtube support. It also built social bookmarking system and photo gallery and video gallery with every product.
·         Power-packed admin panel: this script provide easy and powerful admin panel with lots of customizable parameters.
·         Fully search engine optimized (SEO): company understand the need of seo and how it is helpful for the business growth. It is 100% SEO with flexibility to control SEO data like title, keywords, description etc. for each product and category. 
·         Online product6 catalog: seller can create online catalog. Buyers can easily find products via search engines (SEO). It generates lifetime stream of sales leads.
·         Online business directory: It provides online business directory lists business along with their contact information. Search engine to search companies or browse companies by category.
·         Sell offers: Sellers can post items or special offers. Ideal for clearing stocks/ discount sales. This script gives enhance exposure for gold member listing.
·         Buy offers: buyers can post their requirements easily here. Here buyers can get best offers.
·         Mobile compatibility: Mobile compatibility is the most attractive feature of this script. As we know it is mobile compatible then there is no need of Pc and laptop to access and manage this script.
·         Email templates: user have full control over content of all mails they go out of the script. This can be directly managed from the admin panel.
·         Unlimited, multi-level categories: Alibaba clone script supports unlimited categories that can go unlimited levels deep. 
·         Google map feature: Google map features make it very attractive, in this way you can track and impress your visitors. Visitors can post comment or send feedback regarding products.
It is based in high level of security. Anyone who is interested in the business of selling and purchasing property online has the great opportunity with this script. At least 400 millions are estimated to be internet users who also spend a large portion of their time in online shopping and ecommerce related activities.  So this business definitely provides great opportunity to earn more profit in e-commerce business. Check the full detail @


Monday, 3 July 2017

Know The Reason Behind The Successful Aliexpress Clone Script

In this advance world everyone wish to make every task easy. However the facility of internet resolves every problem by providing online facility. Some are interested to start their own business portal online. For such people who want to do these readymade scripts are available in the market.  But one should have to choose the best readymade script for the business development. To get the success one has to run the business by adopting new techniques. For this Aliexpress Clone Script is the best option.
Aliexpress clone script is a readymade script portal with all static pages like home, about us, contacts us, Terms and Privacy and many more that grants great opportunity to the users to start their own business portal online independently. Some user took keen interest to start their own business and Aliexpress clone script fulfills all the wishes of that type of users. Now anyone who desire to start their own business he /she can easily do it just like other ecommerce sites like Amazon, flipcart etc.  It is complete readymade script no need to make any changes. User can set domain name or logo as per her wish.
Buyers and sellers both get the satisfaction about the dealing of products. Both meet their requirements here. Basically Aliexpress clone is e-commerce website where every deal is based on seller and buyer. It is such kind of script solution that can really raise your business if serious efforts can be made on it. Unlimited numbers of vendors can register themselves and post their products. Once a vendor registered here he/she can manage its account for 365 days and get notification for renew before package expire.
Features of Aliexpress clone script:
·         Mobile Responsive
·         SEO friendly
·         Custom Work Station
·         E-commerce
·         Security on Guard
·         Store Membership
·         Unlimited vendors
·         Advertising support
·         User friendly
There are number of wishes that cannot be filled because shortage of time. Some wants to buy thing but cannot go outside to buy it. So here buyer can search their needs and can make online order for any product and service. All type of products and services are available here. Aliexpress clone script  proves best ever B2B and B2C marketplace script. This script gives great opportunity to sell and purchase products and services to single and bulk quantity. This script is user friendly script, no need of programming knowledge required because programming is already done on the backend of the script. So that’s way it is known as complete readymade script. This script gives full support for advertising. Seller can put the advertisement of their products here.
Aliexpress clone script is mobile compatible script. There is no need of Pc and laptop to install or access this script. Free installation service would be provided by the company. Different payment methods are available to pay for this script. Company understands the importance of SEO and knows how it is important for running the business. So user has no need for the promotion of the business.  Check the full demo @

Friday, 31 March 2017

Multi Vendor e-business – Aliexpress clone script 2017

Aliexpress clone script is software developed by eagletchnosys which deals in software development, website development, internet marketing, website hosting, open source development etc. Aliexpress clone script is software that fulfills the requirements of users or clients. It is the way where seller can easily sell their products to a company or a single customer. Aliexpress is a software that is made up of by using Php and mysql languages. It is very useful and beneficial for the development and enhancement of business. It is the easiest and best way to start your own business. Here buyer can also add or post their requirements. Here you will find the best way to start your own online B2B+B2C marketplace website portal just like Aliexpress and Dhagate in just few hours.
AliExpress clone is a B2b B2C based .B2B means Business to business and B2C means Business to Customer. So it is website where seller and buyer both  meets with their requirements. Our websites provide opportunity to start business online. Seller  can advertise their products online with their features and if  buyer is interested in the products then he can buy the products with online payments option such as PayPal and with also offline options like Payza, Bank etc.
Reason to choose Aliexpress clone script:
·        User friendly
·        It is mobile portable, user and buyer can use on their mobile phones.
·        Email verification
·        User friendly
·        Social media sharing
·        Feedback facility provided
·        Search engine optimization(SEO)
·        No programming required. Anyone can use it easily and use it from anywhere, anytime.
·        Our script allows you to access and manage your online website anywhere in the world, simply login via the password-protected administrative area .
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